Wednesday, March 7, 2007

victorian ghost hunters

The story revolves around 3 ghost hunters in 1860's. They have all aged and retired from what they love to do. Because of their Ghost hunting career, they were never able to meet any women, and now only have each other to grow old with. One day, they run across a lost girl in their neighborhood. She is a little chinese girl named mi mi. Not really knowing what to do, they teach her the only thing they know how to do, ghost hunting.

They each want to pass on their skills to the girl, and overwhelm her with home made gadgets and tools. Inspired by the little girl, the 3 old men started to practice ghost hunting again. Though a little more than slow and clumpsy at it, they manage to rediscover their passion in what they do.

I thought I would try to push the story aspect of it into something more realistic and believable, while really having fun with the shapes of the characters. I really like how this can be a very touching and funny story, picking at the different behaviors of how old people nip pick at eachother, get mad, make fun, and care so much for children. It was interesting just to see my grand parents, how they turn into children themsleves as they get older.

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Sarita Kolhatkar said...

Nice job today Nigel. Cant to see the Maquette (sp?) version of it.