Monday, March 17, 2008

more W.I.P

Here are some more work in prgress pics. Still struggling to decide the final look of the character/story.




A quick color pass/ Im not really digging the gold too much, but thats the color theme we are suppose to stick with.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dominance War 3

So I entered the competition, and just trying to push myself into different genres as a challenge.

This is still a work in progress, so any comment/ suggestion will be great!

Thanks, enjoi.


- There are 9 remaining planets.
- Each planet has adopted back to traditional hand to hand combat to train their soldiers. Each planet almost resembling a country, eg. japanese = samurai, chinese = kung fu, etc.........
- Only a few have truly been able to adapt back to these art forms, and therefore are masters of that realm.
- My character's main style of combat would be jousting.


- He is not actually strong, but very observant.

- Uses momentum from his massive weapon to strike opponent.

- He has to be very accurate, since it is all in one blow or nothing.

- "The best defense is offense" is his mentality.

- He is constantly off balance, but it almost works to his advantage because it makes him unpredictable.

- His left side heavily armored for protection, versus his right side which is bare for better mobility.


- If you were to imagine holding a massive gattling gun, that would be his normal stance.

- When he attacks, its similar to how a swat team would use a battering ram to knock down a door.


These are early thumbnails and explorations:

Here is a different shape that I am more happy with:

Here is a cleaned up line drawing.

more refined characteristics:

My character is actually a spirit that can barely be seen.

The armor it self is a weapon. And it tends to different powers / personalities depending on the spirit that poses it.

eg., fire, water, etc.....

My character is going to be an invoker. By using air, he is able to manipulate and move this armor as his warrior.

He will definitely have to be inside of the armor, since he could be physically attacked.