Saturday, April 12, 2008

final submision

Character Description:

Name: Bang Bang
Race: Spirit
Class: Invoker
Artifact Power: Void


My character is actually a spirit that cannot be seen.

The armor it self is a weapon. And it tends to different personalities depending on the spirit that poses it.

Bang Bang is the spirit that poses artifacts to stay active. Since he is a spirit, he is unable to directly contact other races.

The power of this armor is void, because he is not really alive, and therefore hard for the machines to judge or kill.

As an invoker, Bang Bang is able to manipulate air to move this armor as his warrior.

Other details:

The springs compress and help with acceleration.
The head swivels up and down.
He is very observant.
His attacks are normally very strong, but is almost restricted to a all or nothing blow. When he attacks, its similar to how a swat team would use a battering ram to knock down a door.
Left side has more armor because it is the side that needs protection when he is jousting.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

final pose

Heres the final pose for bang bang. Still working on the turnaround and character sheet.

I fixed the legs to give it a better pose. Guess I was just too lazy to do it at first. Thanks to Terry, Norm and Tony for convinving me!