Monday, June 30, 2008


EDIT: Here is the final:

Here is a work in progress for her. any comments and suggestions are welcome. It takes a little while to get it looking as good as scarecrow.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

a little test.

EDIT: Here's the finished piece!

Recently, I have decided to take a more realistic / darker approach to some concepts to see where it will take me. This was the first of 7 that I have started to paint. Just a little test to better myself.

I guess it is obvious that these designs will reflect the 7 sins. I want to transform each one into a character, and try to portray how each sin would actually look and act as an actual being. What if they were serving an eternity in hell, and they are almost Lucifer's helpers/pets in a sense to punish people who go to hell. Just a thought. This is still at its beginning stages, so more to come later.

Gluttony has to survive by constantly searching and eating. That is his punishment for eternity, which explains the multiple mouths, eyeballs and a lack of hygiene.

any comments and suggestions, even ideas would be greatly appreciated.